CEO Greetings

iREA is an innovative company for achieving customer satisfaction, technology competitiveness, and the training of global human resources.

I am pleased to meet you through our Web site. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your concern, encouragement, and support. Your help has made the current state of iREA possible.

We expect that the ICT-based Internet of Things (IoT) will be applied throughout the social system, and will provide in the future a convenient and pleasant high-technology society that we have not yet experienced. iREA converges our various core technologies to keep up with changes through time, and are able to develop an integrated monitoring system and the Dynamo system, as well as establish a crops and facilities management system business, and a power plant performance test business.

We have been recognized as having the best technology by receiving contracts from domestic large firms, small- and medium- businesses, universities, and national research and development institutes. We are also extending our market through overseas export.

iREA will continue to realize a harmonious society through contribution and service, and by sharing by making profits while repaying our customers’ support by providing the best service and continuously developing innovative technology. Thank you.

CEO Kim Dusik